Climate Change and Health: PLOS Medicine

Analysts predict abridged cropnutritional substance and following health disparities due to increased carbon dioxide levels related to climate change. In their country-level modeling study, they include estimates of climate change, yield nutrient concentrations, nutritional patterns, and disease probability into a model of iron and zinc insufficiency. Their estimates predict a disease burden of about 125.8 million disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) worldwide over the phase from 2015 to 2050, inexplicably affecting South-East Asian and sub-Saharan African countries. In a viewpoint,  the idea of crop nutrition in a changing climate and how increasing carbon dioxide concentrations and climate change are anticipated to reduce the quality, quantity, and availability of rice, wheat, potatoes, and other staple crops. They outline major information gaps and speculations needed to protect populace health, especially among the most susceptible. Turning to the impacts of climate change on the …

Welcome to the Epidemiology Meet 2019!

We are pleased to invite all to attend the “7th Epidemiology and Public Health Conference”, will be held from February 18-19, 2019 Dubai, UAE. The theme of the conference is “Global Health a major topic of concern in Epidemiology Research and Public Health study”.
Epidemiology Meet 2019 is an international forum for academicians, Nutrition’s, health care providers, Dieticians,  public health specialists, health professionals, scientists, researches, Policymakers, and health workers to present their latest research ideas, development, and applications in all areas of public health, epidemiology and Nutrition.

This international and interdisciplinary will act as a forum for Epidemiologist and Public Health professionals pathologist statistician clinicians business professionals foundation to learn quality medical care for the general public. It may help local health classes and conduct routine research in a managerial capacity. The conference will bring together healthcare professionals a…


About Conference
The 7th Epidemiology and Public Health Conference, will be held at Dubai, UAE during February 18 -19, 2019
The theme falls on “Global Health a major topic of concern in Epidemiology Research and Public Health study”.
Epidemiology Meet 2019 in conjunction with its institutional partners and Editorial Board Members are delighted to invite you all to the 7th Epidemiology and Public Health Conference, to share experiences and best practices through invited keynote, symposia, workshops, plenary lectures, invited sessions and posters covering a range of topics and important issues which affect us all from the research to the practical implementations.
Epidemiology Meet 2019 will converge on the rising health issues and unexplored fields of diseases and invigorate developments connected to every aspect of public health, epidemiology, nutrition and Physicians research which provides new opportunities for specialists of all over the world to congregate exchange, organize and di…